I currently offer the following concessionary rates:

  • Key Workers
  • Trainee Counsellors/Therapists

Please note that concessionary rates only apply to 1:1 work and cannot be applied to the group sessions.

Key Workers

I am currently offering a discretionary rate to key workers in accordance with the terms and conditions set out by the National Counselling Society. In order to qualify for this rate, you must be able to prove that you hold a key worker role as defined by the UK government.

  • Initial session (up to one hour) – Free
  • The first eight sessions (not including the initial session) – £30 per hour
  • The ninth session onwards – £45 per hour

Trainee Counsellors/Therapists

To aid with the high costs associated with training, I offer students of counselling and/or psychotherapy a reduced rate for the duration of their training.

This rate also applies to Supervision, with the same terms personal therapy concession.

  • Initial session (up to one hour) – £30
  • For the duration of your training – £30 per hour
  • After your training centre’s last scheduled lesson – £45 per hour