Personal Therapy in Hythe, Kent

The therapy that I offer is rooted in philosophy and inspired by nature. It helps you to reflect on your life as a whole and to identify the parts that feel disruptive, painful or stuck. We then focus on working towards something personally meaningful.

My ethos in a nutshell…

– There are often possibilities that we haven’t considered.

– Our past influences us, but cannot dictate who we are today, and who we are today, does not need to be who we are forever.

– There is no perfect way of living and we must each find a way that works best for us; trial and error is a given.

– We all have the capacity to live a rich and meaningful life and this is made more likely when we engage with our personal existence and accept responsibility for our part in it.

– We live in a world full of other beings and feeling connected to the life and systems around us is a fundamental part of being human.

The (slightly) Longer & more ‘Technical’ Version… 

I am an assimilative integrative therapist with a particular interest in existential psychotherapy and eco-therapeutic principles, philosophies and ways of working. In my case, this means that eco-existential philosophy forms the foundation of my model and when we (you and I) deem it relevant, we can incorporate ideas from other models of therapy.

I would describe my way of working as primarily phenomenological (focusing on your personal experiences, from your own perspective) and as such I actively avoid making assumptions about what life ‘should’ or ‘should not’ be like; after all, there is no one-size-fits-all. 

Some people are looking for a directive experience in therapy (solutions, techniques, and exercises) however, generally speaking, I don’t work in this way. Instead, I aim to support you in engaging with your life, helping you to accept the things that are unchangeable (givens) and embrace the opportunities for change (agency). I do not diagnose or pathologise and I believe that on some fundamental level, we are all doing our best to navigate an inherently complicated existence.

I don’t believe any one thing to be inherently more or less important than the other during the work, instead collaborating with my clients in finding the most helpful things to focus on during therapy. This leads to a deeply reflective way of working that takes the time to ‘unpack’ and examine all areas of your life.

I believe (and anticipate) that different people need different things and at different times, so I will happily co-construct the work to fit you and your needs. This means that we might agree on weekly sessions or decide to meet fortnightly. It might mean that we concentrate on your memories of childhood or we examine how your relationship with the future is feeding into your sense on meaning in the here and now.

Due to the deeply reflective and broadly focused style that I offer, I typically engage in long-term work (30 sessions plus). Because I’m not typically goal oriented, I find that the style of therapy that I offer isn’t always helpful to people looking for a short-term or solution focused arrangement.

A note on training: I always encourage people to check that a therapist has formal training and is registered with a professional body. If you would like to confirm my professional status or view my credentials, you can click the button below:

Muddy Feet
Footprints in the sand

Ways We Can Work

Outdoor Therapy

Evening sessions fully booked, daytime availability only

This way of working is often described as less intense and is particularly suited to people who struggle in a formal, face to face setting, or perhaps you simply love being outdoors.

Outdoor therapy is more than an extension of the traditional therapy space and holds to the idea that the world (other people, birds, rocks, the sea) cannot be separated from the human experience and therefore, they are welcomed as part of the process.

I integrate all of these ideas within an existential approach to psychotherapy.

Indoor Therapy / Counselling

Evening sessions fully booked, daytime availability limited

Sometimes the weather is just a little too challenging for outdoor work or you might simply prefer a more private setting.

When working indoors we will be based in a confidential, bespoke therapy space in Hythe, Kent. We have access to a whiteboard and creative materials if that suits your way of working.

The majority of my work is outdoors and therefore, regrettably, my indoor space is not ideal for some people: access is not  wheelchair friendly. Please also note that there are no toilets available on-site.


Initial Session – £45

Standard Session – £60

I do offer concessions in some cases, so please let me know if you are a from a low-wage household or you are a trainee therapist. 

Important Things To Know Before You Book

It is important for anyone looking to engage in a counselling service to understand the following service limitations:

  • Therapy is not a crisis service: if you feel you need frequent (more than once weekly) or out of hours support, you should contact your local GP for an appointment to discuss your needs. If you are feeling unsafe and are worried about harming yourself or another, you can visit your local GP/hospital or in an emergency, you can call 999.
  • Confidentiality in therapy is subject to the law: to find out about the limits to confidentiality in counselling, you should speak with your counsellor. Alternatively, you can find more information here:
  • Counselling / Therapy is designed to support you whilst you work through and come to terms with difficult things in your life, it cannot: provide you with solutions; ‘fix’ you; offer any kind of guaranteed change.
  • Counselling and Psychotherapy are not regulated in the UK, so you should always check that a practitioner is qualified, insured and registered with a relevant professional body (eg. NCS, BACP, ACC).